Claire Idell

About Susan

Susan has spent over twenty years in the ocean sector working in product development and innovation portfolio leadership roles across large companies, startups and industry-led non-profits. She was the founding Chief Technology Officer of Canada's Ocean Supercluster, and has gained diverse ocean expertise commercializing solutions across the offshore energy, marine safety, and boating industries. In her current role as Chief Innovation Officer at Oneka Technologies, a 60 person scaleup ocean impact company that designs and operates wave-powered desalination solutions to deliver freshwater to water scarce communities, she provides oversight on all new innovation projects and its engineering department.

From an academic and community service perspective Susan has a varied background that has evolved in line with her career path and now considers herself to be more of a generalist vs a specialist.  She has a Bachelor of Naval Architecture & Oceanic Engineering from Memorial University of Newfoundland, and a Master of Science in Information Systems and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Washington.  Susan has tried to stay up to date and serve the ocean community over the years by maintaining a practicing professional engineering designation, designing and instructing graduate engineering courses, taking graduate courses in new domains, and by serving as a director or industry representative on various boards and development committees.

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