2023 EMERGE Scholarship

Emerging Leaders in Marine Technology Program (EMERGE)

EMERGE: A program supporting our Future Leaders in Marine Technology 

The EMERGE program is designed to give student and early career ocean professionals (ECOPs) a guided program to enhance their experience at OCEANS Conferences. The attendance of students/ECOPs accepted into the EMERGE program will be financially supported by MTS, which can include travel, lodging and meeting registration depending on the individual needs of the participant. Once at the meeting, there will be a series of networking and professional skill development events offered to enhance their meeting experience in a way that highlights the benefits of MTS membership. Additionally, every participant will be matched with a senior mentor who will guide them throughout the conference and help them expand their professional network. 

For OCEANS 2023 - Gulf Coast EMERGE activities will include:

Orientation (Monday September 25, 2023)

On the first day of the conference, EMERGE participants are required to attend an orientation program that will introduce them to the week’s activities including events and speakers and meet their conference mentor. 

Mentoring Program

Each EMERGE participant will be paired with a senior member of MTS. Senior members will act as a mentor and facilitate interactions aimed at expanding the participant’s professional network.

Breakfast with MTS Leadership

EMERGE participants will join a breakfast session with MTS/OES leadership and other students and ECOPs attending the conference to learn more about the marine technology field and provide each participant with an opportunity to share their own ideas on how MTS/OCEANS can further enhance their professional trajectories in marine technology.  


A dedicated space for EMERGE participants to interact with other EMERGE participants and mentors, will be available. 

MTS Booth

EMERGE participants are required to dedicate 2 hours to assist MTS staff and council members at the MTS booth. This will provide the participants an opportunity to meet staff, council members, and participants in a more informal setting.


  • Post-secondary students (e.g., undergraduate and graduate) and ECOPs (i.e., no more than 10 years from your last degree) that are current members of the Marine Technology Society (student memberships cost $25 per year; ECOP memberships cost $50 per year).

  • We strongly encourage underrepresented members of the marine technology community to apply.

  • Participation in the EMERGE program requires attendance at the OCEANS conference.  All student and ECOP participants applying to the program must get approval from their advisor (students) or employer (ECOPs) that they will be able to attend. 

How to Apply:

  • To apply to the EMERGE program, please complete the MTS Scholarship/EMERGE Application Form and select EMERGE to indicate your interest to participate in the program. Additionally, be sure to answer questions specific to the EMERGE program on the application form.  The deadline for applications is April 15. 

Apply for the MTS EMERGE Program