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Student Sections

Many college and university marine studies programs have an MTS Student Section. Each Student Section is different and participates in the Society in a variety of ways including producing newsletters and/or a website, attending events of meetings of the MTS Sections or Committees, presenting research or writing articles.

Students have access to the same benefits as professional members and as well as additional benefits including:

  • Access to MTS Student Sections in leading universities, each of which receives $500 a year to spend on student activities;
  • Scholarships exclusively for MTS Student members;
  • Online mentoring through the MTS Maritime Industry Mentoring Program;
  • The peer-reviewed MTS Journal, which publishes student-authored papers;
  • Large discounts on registration to MTS-sponsored conferences and workshops;
  • Free Career Services on the web, with resume posting and job listings, and;
  • Opportunities to network with and learn from professionals in your field by joining technical interest groups (committees).
Student Section Listing

Join an MTS Student Section, or Start One of Your Own!

Eight students and a faculty advisor—that’s all it takes to start the process of creating an MTS Student Section.  Complete a Petition online to get started. Prior to submitting the online form, you must obtain at least 8 interested students, including names, email addresses, and city/state. Members of new Student Sections will receive a complimentary 1-year membership to MTS ($25 annually after expiration). Student Sections are also eligible to receive up to $500 annually in programs/activities funding upon approval of the Board of Directors. Learn more about the role of Faculty Advisor. If you have questions about starting a student section, email [email protected].

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MTS Student Sections Toolbox

MTS Student Section Quarterly Report

Due July 1, October 1, and January 15

MTS Student Section Annual Report

Due April 1

MTS Student Sections Operational Guidelines

Information on starting and operating a Student Section

Student Section Budget Request

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