SeaMATE Store Operations Coordinator
[email protected]
(202) 474-2666

Quintin Folkner is a recent graduate of East Tennessee State University with a B.B.A. in Supply Chain Management. He has been competing in the MATE Competition for the past seven years at both high school and collegiate levels. Over the last six years, he has worked at STREAMWORKS, where he has promoted robotics initiatives and helped build teams in his region. For four of those years, he has also worked in the SeaMATE Store, as the SeaMATE Store Coordinator for STREAMWORKS.

During his time at STREAMWORKS, Quintin has served as an advocate for STEM education by representing STREAMWORKS at schools and community events, promoting robotics initiatives and fostering enthusiasm for STEM learning among educators and students. He has developed strong leadership, project management, and technical skills, which have been crucial in driving the success of various projects.

Looking ahead, he aims to continue fostering a passion for robotics in others, leveraging his experience and knowledge to inspire the next generation of innovators. Quintin is passionate about helping others experience the same opportunities and impact that robotics has had on his life.


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