Pacific Canada Section

Pacific Section

Connecting Western Canada's Vibrant Blue Economy

MTS is thrilled to unveil this new Section, serving marine technology and ocean engineering professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts. MTS Pacific Canada's mission is clear: to foster collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing within this dynamic region, all while working towards a sustainable and resilient ocean future.

At MTS Pacific Canada, we understand the immense potential that lies beneath the waves. Our goal is to connect individuals and organizations and to provide a platform for exchange, learning, and growth. We believe that collaboration is the compass that will steer us toward solutions to the complex challenges facing our oceans, from climate change to resource management.

As anyone who has read “Deep, Dark, and Dangerous” knows, Western Canada has an incredible heritage and richness of subsea research and engineering talent. MTS Pacific Canada seeks to catalyze interactions and foster positive relationships between the many individuals and organizations that work and recreate on, in, and under Canadian Pacific waters. 

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Jason Goldsworthy Derek Puzzoli
Pacific Canada Section Chair
Jason Goldsworthy

Vice Chair
Derek Puzzuoli

Tony Wass

Cailin Burmaster

Tony Wass 

Cailin Burmaster