Jody Patterson


MATE Network Development Director & Registrar
[email protected]
(202) 978-3434

Offering more than a decade of experience in federal ocean policy, conservation management, community outreach, and STEM education, Jody Patterson brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as MTS's MATE ROV Competition Network Development Director and Registrar. Her responsibilities include nurturing relationships, expanding participation on a global scale, and enhancing the impact of regional competitions. Jody is dedicated to supporting partnership initiatives, providing professional development training, offering program management guidance, and strengthening MATE ROV Competition hubs to enhance student engagement. 

Prior to joining MTS, Jody served as the Chapter Director for Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary Foundation. In this capacity, she crafted funding solutions to sustain education and ocean conservation programs, cultivated stewardship, increased membership, and implemented education initiatives to captivate the upcoming generation of ocean explorers. 

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