Diving into the World of Marine Technology: TechSym 2023 at IIT Madras

TechSym 2023


MTS TechSym 2023 was hosted October 28-29 at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) - the hub of marine technology. TechSym gathered a diverse audience from various backgrounds to come together and share knowledge and help students excel in the world of ocean engineering. This unique platform provided an opportunity for students, researchers, and businesses to meet, exchange ideas, and support each other in their journey. 

Day 2 - Summary

The day burst into flames with the spark of innovation and wisdom as "MTS TechSym 2023" illuminated the prestigious IIT Madras. The event kicked off with a smooth registration process, welcoming a diverse crowd of attendees from various backgrounds. The inauguration ceremony was graced by distinguished guests, each bringing their unique brilliance to the stage:

  • Smt. J.P. Irene Cynthia, IAS - Managing Director of Kamarajar Port, Chennai
  • Prof. Mahesh V Panchangula - Director in charge of IIT Madras
  • Dr. Venkatesan - Former Chair, MTS India Section
  • Prof. S. A. Sannasiraj - Faculty Advisor of the MTS IITM Student Section

The morning sessions at the event were a vibrant showcase of tech talks that ventured into the core issues of the energy sector. Dr. Jossia Joseph illuminated the audience with insights on offshore data acquisition, shedding light on vital data collection strategies. Meanwhile, Dr. Phani Kumar SVS delved into offshore renewables, presenting innovative solutions that could transform the energy landscape. As the event continued, the audience remained captivated by an array of engaging discussions. Dr. Tirumaleswara Reddy Nemalidinne took the stage to explore the intricate process of transmitting offshore energy to the mainland, offering a glimpse into the challenges and possibilities of this crucial endeavor. Simultaneously, Dr. Jitendra Sangwai dived into the subject of decarbonization in oceanic environments, outlining the steps needed to make these vital ecosystems more sustainable. The session wrapped up with a lively panel conversation expertly moderated by Dr. M. A. Atmanand from IIT Madras. The panel boasted a lineup of distinguished members, including Dr. S. Gomathinayagam, Dr. V. Sundar, Dr. Balasubramanian, and Mr. Bhalaji Subramanian.

The machine learning competition kicked off by unveiling its challenge, granting students a one-week window to tackle it. The challenge revolves around the utilization of machine learning techniques to identify prime locations for offshore wind energy projects. As the final round of the competition approaches, excitement is building, promising an impressive display of innovative solutions in the realm of sustainable energy exploration.

Day 2 - Summary

The MTS TechSym2023, the second day of the school student's quiz competition, showcased dynamic participation from a cohort of over 80+ school students from diverse institutions. The event commenced with a prestigious inaugural ceremony that bore witness to the esteemed presence of Dr. Venkatesan, the Former Chair of the MTS India Section, alongside Dr. Atmanand, Chair of the Advisory Committee, and Dr. Narendran Kumar, an Assistant Professor from the Department of Ocean Engineering at IIT Madras. Their inspiring speeches served as a wellspring of motivation, sparking the ambitions of the young participants and encouraging them to set their sights on higher achievements in their academic journeys. The event fostered spirited competition and laid the foundation for personal growth and a deeper appreciation of the maritime world. It was a celebration of intellectual curiosity and a testament to the role of mentorship in nurturing the next generation's talents.

Focusing on the captivating realm of marine biology, this competition accommodated two categories: students in grades 6 to 8 and those in grades 9 to 12. The event consisted of two engaging rounds. Round 1 commenced after the ceremony, involving a concise pen-and-paper challenge. It was followed by the thrilling oral Round 2, designed to test the students' knowledge. The competition initiated an intense battle of wits among these young, bright minds, all passionate about marine biology.

To actively involve the audience, Professor S. A. Sannasiraj introduced a brief interactive round, fostering an intellectually engaging atmosphere. This interactive session revolved around topics like Chandrayaan, Gaganyaan, and Samudrayan. In this impromptu quiz, the professor took on the role of a quizmaster, allowing all students to participate and share their knowledge. It was a delightful moment that encouraged active participation and added an interactive dimension to the event, making it a memorable and engaging experience for all attendees.

The event culminated in a grand finale, graced by an esteemed panel including Dr. Venkatesan, Dr. Atmanand, Prof. S. A. Sannasiraj, the Faculty Advisor of the MTS IITM Student Chapter, and Mr. Sridhar Krishnamoorthy, the Student Chairperson. In this fitting conclusion, the MTS IITM Student Chapter took charge of the prize distribution ceremony, where they celebrated and honored the deserving winners of the quiz competition. It was a moment of recognition and achievement, marking the end of an enriching and intellectually stimulating event.

 PHOTOS FROM TechSym 2023

TechSym 2023 TechSym 2023 TechSym 2023 TechSym 2023 TechSym 2023 TechSym 2023 TechSym 2023

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