Houston Section Scholarships

The MTS Houston Section awards scholarships and supports students each year, thanks to the generosity of our members and event sponsors. Students really do appreciate the support and encouragement that MTS Houston Section provides. Each year, the Section endeavors to increase its scholarship fund, and each year our efforts are rewarded. Our scholarships and educational donations help many college-level students pursue their academic goals, they support the Floating Classroom project, and encourage high school students to excel in the Science Fair.

Stay tuned for more information on applying for Houston Section Scholarships.
  • MTS Dr. Wayne Ingram Scholarship
  • MTS Glen Lochte Scholarship
  • MTS Charles Richards, Sr. Scholarship
  • MTS Dr. John C. Freeman Scholarship
  • MTS Chuck Richards Scholarship
  • TAMU MTS Endowed Scholarship
  • MTS University of Houston Scholarship
  • MTS Texas A&M Galveston Scholarship