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Currents is the Society’s monthly digital newsletter, focusing on Society-wide and industry news and events, business announcements and information, scientific briefs and articles, and member news.

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Send Your News to Currents

Send your business, science and technology, section and professional committee news and photos, to us at [email protected].

MTS is interested in including the activities of any sections or committees. These would include meetings, speakers, site visits, community involvement, competitions, etc.

Article content

Do not be concerned about the length of an article – it is more important to include all the details. If the article is too long or too detailed, the editor will review, make any edits and return to the submitter for review.

– Please be sure to include the basic who, what, when, where and why of the event.

– Also include any names of titles of speakers, site visit coordinators, etc. Please be sure they are correctly spelled, as the editor will have minimal opportunity to verify.

– Quotes are always helpful. Please be sure to identify the speaker and their position/title.

– Let us know if there is an upcoming event you would like to publicize in Currents.


Take photos of your events. Even if we don’t run a story, we might run the photo with a long caption. Photos should be high-resolution, 300 dpi resolution.

Do not ‘save down’ your images or crop before emailing — send them at the largest file format.

Please send all news and pictures to [email protected].


Submissions to Currents are due the second Friday of every month prior the upcoming issue. For example, placements in the February issue would be due by the second Friday of February.