2011 Awards

2011 Honorees

MTS Fellow: Dr. Benton F. Baugh, Ph.D., Radiol, Inc., President
MTS Fellow: Peter Fougere, Transocean
MTS Fellow: Brock Rosenthal, Ocean Innovations, President
Compass Distinguished Achievement Award: Bruce Gilman, SubSea Services
Compass International Award: CONTROS Systems and Solutions
Compass Industrial Award: Oceaneering International
Lockheed Martin Award for Ocean Science and Engineering: Howard Shatto, Shell
MTS Outstanding Service Award: Aimee Marsh, Canyon Offshore
Ocean News and Technology Young Professional Award: Jacob Sobin, MTS
Ocean News and Technology Young Professional Award: Evan Zimmerman, Delmar Systems Pty. Ltd.
MTS Outstanding Committee Award: Ocean Pollution, Jacob Sobin and Ryan Morton, Chair
MTS Outstanding Section Award: Puget Sound, Dr. Fritz Stahr, Chair
MTS Outstanding Student Section Award: University of Southern Mississippi, Dr. Stephen Howden, Counselor